On March 14, 1922, 17 masons petitioned for dispensation from the Grand Lodge of California to start a new lodge. That dispensation was given and a first meeting was held on May 17, 1923. The Fairfax Community Church on Park Road in Fairfax was selected as the meeting place. On October 30, 1923, the charter was given for Fairfax Lodge #556 F&AM. By 1944, the membership was too large for the original meeting place so they moved to the upper floor of 19 Ross Avenue in San Anselmo. At the end of World War II, the increase in membership resulted for the desire to have their own building. This was quite an endeavor because they were going to build with no mortgage and provide for no commercial rentals. The members had young families and money was tight. Many of the members worked for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, PG&E, Western Pacific Railroad, or were in police work. The Marin County Sheriff and the Police Chiefs of San Anselmo, Ross, and Larkspur were among the members. At that time, the chief functions of the loge was degrees, an annual chicken barbecue at Russian River, and a big installation dinner at Star Hall at the end of the San Francisco Blvd San Anselmo. At every meeting a hot supper was served. By 1952, Hap Banfield PM donated the lot where the temple now stands at 1122 Magnolia Avenue Larkspur California. Joseph Filippo PM, a general contractor agreed to show the members how to construct. Forrest T.C. Gist was selected as the architect. Jack Cazzaza was the interior decorator. The wives gathered together and called themselves Faxfairs. They provided meals for the members that worked to build the building. Later for years they worked to put on rummage sales and every possible way to raise money. They provided the kitchen appliances, floor covering, and many other improvements. Work was started by the members. Every evening after their jobs and all day Saturdays and Sundays they labored and learned. It was very difficult going because of the learning curve and more so the lack of money. Bill Bliss the treasurer had to implore the members for money and had many sleepless nights wondering how the building could be completed. They installed used plumbing fixtures, omitted light switches (the cut off switches were used to turn on and off lights), and tried every way to reduce the cost. 
Finally on December 10, 1953, the first meeting was held at the new Temple at 1122 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur. It would be nearly 50 years before the building fulfilled completion of all the original dreams of those members.