When this lodge was being built by the Lodge Members in 1953, an informal meeting was called for the wives of the members, at the home of Sam and Beth Levin. The Ladies felt it would be nice to supply lunch for the workers. They did this from July to December of 1953.

After the building itself was completed, there were still going to be many things needed for the Lodge. The wives called a planning meeting, which was held on August 5, 1953 at the Casa Marin Store on 4th and B Streets in San Rafael. The name FAXFAIRS (Fairfax inside out) was chosen, and by-laws for the group were established. The chief purpose of this organization was to assist the Lodge with their building and furnishing projects. Later meetings were held here at the Lodge, and in 1959 the Faxfairs built a room in the Lodge basement for a meeting room, so as to not interfere with the Youth Group meetings.

Kate Bliss was the first President. Followed by Dorothy Darrington, Pat Smallman, Gertrude Gadow, Muriel Banfield, Joyce Thompson, and many others. The group had many ways of raising funds – such as Salad Luncheons, Fashion shows, bazaars, cooking and servicing dinners, rummage sales, social affairs such as Luaus, Western nights and others. Sometimes small, but always profitable.

Beginning in late 1953, and throughout the years, many projects were completed, the last Major one being the purchase of the Wolfe Range, stainless steel sink and counters, racks, dishwasher, floor covering and counters in the kitchen and dining room. They also donated funds to the Temple Association and later to the Lodge Building Fund, which was started during the year that Ray Piombo was Master and Bob Newman Secretary. 
There were a few years the the Group was not active, but during Merlin Johnson’s year as Master he asked the group to resume their Fund raising activities, which they did with Marcia Piombo as President and Peggy Johnson as Vice President. Ginger Franklin has also served as President.
The Faxfairs could not have done what they did without the donations from and the support of the Lodge Members and the many friends who patronized their functions.

What was left of the Faxfairs voted to disband in 1993, but the friendships there continue to be important in our lives, and we really did have fun doing all that work together.